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Translating Japanese documents for Diamond Media Joint Stock Company

For more than 10 years, Focus Asia Translation has been pleased to provide translation services of Japanese documents into Vietnamese and vice versa from Vietnamese to Japanese for domestic and foreign companies. Translators need to transform the source language in context, while ensuring that the original meaning is appropriate to the culture and purpose in a way that readers can understand.

Translating Japanese documents of sales contract for Diamond Communications Joint Stock Company

In May 2024, Asia Translation is pleased to receive the invitation from Diamond Communications Joint Stock Company, Address: Lai Xa Industrial Cluster, Kim Chung Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi City about Providing Japanese to Vietnamese document translation services in the field of sales contracts related to the automotive mechanical industry. In addition to the services provided, our translators also work on other projects related to notarized translation such as: notarized translation of Japanese visa documents, notarized Japanese translation in the medical field, translation Japanese notarization of legal procedures, Japanese notarization of media translation…
Translating japanese contracts for diamond media joint stock company

Types of notarized translations that Asian Translation provides

Japanese website translation:

Asia Translation specializes in translating websites such as restaurants, hotels, motels, shopping malls, entertainment areas, cosmetics, mobile phones, grocery stores, universities, and high schools.

Japanese translation of legal documents and contracts

Company charter, audit report, memorandum of understanding, working regulations, internal inspection report.’
Translating japanese documents for diamond media joint stock company

Japanese translation of all types of contracts

Confidentiality contract, licensing agreement, agency contract, exclusive distribution agency contract, joint venture cooperation contract, production contract.
Translating japanese papers for diamond media joint stock company

Copyrighted Japanese translation

Intellectual property rights, patent rights agreements, etc.

Japanese translation of leaflets – Catalog

Hotels, motels, amusement parks, aquariums, commercial shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, food, automobiles, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics manufacturing, system development, software, construction, building materials.

Japanese translation of handbook

Handbooks, user manuals, software instructions for pharmaceutical and chemical management, application instructions, mechanical product instructions, machine maintenance instructions, instructions for use Instructions on how to use machines, technical instructions, handling instructions, machine repair instructions, production line instructions, control instructions, safety data sheets, product evaluation sheets.

Japanese translation of financial documents

Financial statements, balance sheet, profit and loss calculation table, cash flow calculation table, shareholder share fluctuation calculation table, account summary table, meeting documents to explain settlement, documents shareholder meetings, valuable securities reports, accounting documents on calculation and monetary management, accounting documents on forms and reports, audit reports, monthly reports, regular reports annual contracts, voluntary contracts, business reports, shareholder meeting minutes.