Language is power, life and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation
Angela Carter

Danish Translation and Interpretation

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Overview of the Danish language

Danish (dansk, IPA: [d̥æˀnsɡ̊]) is a language in the North Germanic languages (also called Scandinavian languages), a subgroup of the Indo-European Germanic languages. There are about 6 million speakers of this language, mainly in Denmark; the language is also spoken by 50,000 Danes in the regions north of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, where it is a minority language.
Danish is an official language and a compulsory subject in the Danish territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which currently have limited autonomy. In Iceland and the Faroe Islands, Danish, along with English, is a compulsory foreign language taught in schools. In North and South America, there are Danish-speaking communities in Argentina, the United States and Canada.

Asia Translation provides document translation services Danish including

  • Translate Danish to Vietnamese (English – Vietnamese translation)
  • Translate Vietnamese to Danish (Vietnamese – English translation)
  • Translate Danish documents into other languages
  • Translation from other languages into Danish

4 Levels of Translation

As a professional Danish translation agency, we understand that the needs and budgets of each client and each project are different. There are very important documents that need to be translated with 100% accuracy, but there are also documents that just need to be read and understood to be satisfactory. Therefore, we offer 4 levels for  Quality Requirements  for you to choose from as follows:

Rough translation, just read comprehension

Usually applied to personal documents, documents that are not important and/or low budget, just convey the correct and sufficient content of the text. Does not require perfection in grammar, spelling, or refinement in style.

Standard translation according to commercial style

Usually applied when translating commercial documents such as contracts, websites, documents business use, etc. The translation language requirements are in accordance with Business Danish standards, the translation is accurate, there are no errors in grammar and spelling.

Correct translation of specialized terms

Usually applied to translation of specialized documents such as research reports, production process documents, machine manuals, etc. Requires high accuracy in terms and content.

Good translation according to the native style

Usually applied when translating marketing materials into Danish for high-end market segments. A Vietnamese translator translates and a native Danish-speaking editor proofreads the translation to ensure its naturalness, fluency and appeal to native readers.
You can select your desired level of quality when you send us a quote for a Danish translation.

Specialized Danish translation

1. Danish translation for advertising/marketing/communication

  • Translation of leaflets, email marketing, PR articles in Danish
  • Translation of marketing content, labels, product labels in Danish
  • Danish website translation
  • Business profile translation, marketing brochure translation, Danish catalog translation
  • Translation of market analysis reports into Danish


2. Legal Danish translation

  • Danish contract translation
  • Translation of charter, business registration certificate, investment license in Danish
  • Translation of legal documents, decrees, circulars in Danish

3. Technical Danish translation

  • Translation of technical drawings, patents Danish
  • Technical report translation, Danish user interface
  • Translation of maintenance manuals, technical manuals, translation of user manuals into Danish
  • Translation of training materials in Danish
  • Translation of bid documents (Request for quote), bid documents into Danish

4. Danish translation for finance / accounting / banking

  • Translation Translation of financial statements in Danish, audit reports in Danish
  • Translation of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements in Danish
  • Translation of tax returns, tax finalization in Danish
  • Translating transfer pricing reports, property valuation reports, investment analysis reports in Danish
  • Compile project pre-feasibility report in Danish

5. Film translation / subtitle translation / Danish dubbing

  • Translation Subtitles video clips introducing products, company introduction videos in Danish
  • Create subtitles for training videos, video clips for operating instructions in Danish
  • Insert subtitles for movies, TV series, series, documentaries in Danish
  • Danish dubbing TVC product introduction, company introduction video Danish
  • Record training video clip, Danish operating instruction video clip
  • Narrative of movies, TV series, series, documentaries in Danish

6. Multi-specialty Danish translation

  • Danish Translation for Information Technology
  • Danish translator for medicine, medicine, medicine
  • Danish translator for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Danish translator for mechanical and automotive engineering
  • Danish Translator for Civil Engineering
  • Danish Translator for Oil, Gas and Energy industry
  • Danish Translation for Telecommunications
  • Danish Translator for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Need a quick quote on Danish translation services?

Translation costs are calculated according to the number of words (if the text is in a countable form) or the number of pages (if the text is in the form of scans or images, words cannot be counted). The unit price per word or page will depend on the original content, file format, translation language pair, desired completion time, and quality requirements. Our Trados translation technology suite can also help reduce costs even further, by detecting and cutting costs for duplicate words.
In addition, in order to meet the needs of translation and notarization of documents for student visa, travel, settlement in France, medical records and other documents, we also provide notarized translation services. The Danish language is as follows:

Notarized Danish translation includes 03 types of fees

1, Translation fee: depending on the type of document, the density of words/page, the difficulty level, the quantity more or less, the price is different.
2, Notary fees: regulated by each Judiciary Division
3, Service fee: including printing fee, travel and other costs to perform the notarization, notarization service fee including fast service or regular service depending on your needs (Free translation service for large quantity and annual customers)

Notarized translation of documents and personal papers in Danish

Danish interpreter and interpreter in various forms such as: Accompanying interpreters, Cabin interpreters, Interpreters for seminars in the fields of Health, Information Technology, Communication, Environment, Education, Machinery Skill…
 TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION COMPANY AND Asia Focus also provide Danish dissertation translation service for students at a discounted price.