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Multi-language Translation of Company Charter

Multi-language Translation of Company Charter

Asia Translation Company is a unit specializing in providing translation services for company charters for large domestic and foreign corporations and companies. We specialize in translating the company’s charter from Vietnamese to English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.. The translation documents are well presented, using standard specialized terms.

What is Company Charter?

The Company’s Charter is considered the law of each Company for the company to comply with throughout its operation. When registering the establishment of the Company, the members of the Company’s provisional Board of Directors (for JSCs) and the Board of Members (for limited liability companies) simultaneously sign the previous draft charter. when submitting the registration to the competent authority to register the business establishment (usually the provincial DPIs). The company’s charter includes the charter when registering the business and the amended and supplemented charter in the course of operation.
Company Charter – The Important Thing with Business

Why do we need to translate the company charter?

The company charter is considered as the constitution of each enterprise. If the Constitution is the most basic and important law of each country, the company’s charter is considered the most basic law of enterprises.
Nowadays, the demand for cooperation between domestic enterprises and foreign investors is increasing. The capital contributors, the owners of the company can come from many different countries, speak different languages. Companies that are established in Vietnam but may have capital are mainly poured in by foreign investors. Therefore, in order for members and owners to fully understand what the company’s charter says, it is necessary to translate the company’s charter into the common language of English or into the language of the contributing shareholders capital like Japanese, Korean or Chinese…
The charter is very important in the operation of the company, so the translation of the company’s charter needs to ensure absolute accuracy. With a team of experienced translators and interpreters, selected from prestigious universities, we ensure that the translated content is always accurate, bringing the best satisfaction to our customers. 
Why do we need to translate The Company Charter?

Translate Company Charter into different languages

In recent years, especially since Vietnam opened its economy and joined the WTO, the need to translate regulations into languages ​​has become an indispensable part of the activities of many economic organizations, corporations, and companies in Vietnam and around the world. With a team of translators and interpreters who have participated in many large projects, we always receive high appreciation from customers. If you have a need to translate the company’s charter, please contact us, we believe you will be satisfied. The translation is accurate, the style is smooth but still adheres to the terms of each specialized specialty, the local language standards, good specialized knowledge, and timely delivery of documents.
  • Translation of the company charter into English
  • Translation of the company’s charter into French
  • Translation of the company’s charter into German
  • Translation of the company’s charter into Russian
  • Translation of the company’s charter into Japanese
  • Translate the company’s charter into Chinese
  • Translation of the company charter into Korean

Why Asia Translation is a translation service provider of company charters in Vietnam?


With more than 20 years of experience, Asia Translation has won the trust and satisfaction of more than 43,000 Enterprises and Organizations, large and small globally; Successfully implemented more than 124,000 language projects.


  • More than 1000 employees and collaborators globally with high professional qualifications, over 5 years of contract translation experience.
  • 100% of translators have economic knowledge legal, financial, banking,… ensuring the highest accuracy translation.
    100% of translators are native speakers, from Bachelor to Doctorate, and are rigorously selected (DISC behavioral assessment interview, IQ & EQ interview).
  • The Project Quality Management team is well-trained and experienced.


  • 24/7 consultation. Quick quote, after 15-20 minutes. Deliver documents to the place, notarize and issue invoices as required.
  • Free trial translation, directly check the quality of the translator.
  • Commitment to documents is 100% confidential with the contract
  • Translation of all specialized document formats: images, text, design files,…

Optimal cost

  • Save up to 50% on costs for subsequent translations thanks to Trados & Translation Memory technology.
  • Many cost packages are diverse and flexible, depending on the budget and customer needs.

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