Language is power, life and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation
Angela Carter

Translation of Literature Books

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Literature Book Concept

Literary books are a way of recording creation and recreating problems of social and human life. The creative mode of literature is through fiction, the way the content of topics is expressed through language and recorded in books. The term literature sometimes has the same meaning as the term literature and is often used interchangeably. However, in general, the concept of literature often has a broader meaning than the concept of literature, literature often only emphasizes the aesthetics and creativity of literature in terms of language and art of words. Literature uses words as materials to build images, reflect and express life.

Literature books
Literary books have a long history of development, being the development of folklore (or oral literature) and written literature. The history of written literature is the history of the development of writings in prose or poetry, which are intended to entertain, enlighten or instruct readers or listeners.
The role of Literature is very important in life especially to understand different political and historical cultures. Therefore, Asian Translation and Interpreting has built a team of professional translators of Asia Translation Company. We provide literary book translation services as follows

Translation of books Literary genre


Poetry: is an art form that uses words, uses words in the language as a material, and the selection of words and their combinations are arranged in a certain logical form to create images or sound evocative. sound aesthetic for readers, listeners.
Poetry is a type of literary composition with rhyme, short, concise, many condensed ideas, obeying certain rules. Poetry is often used as a form of lyrical expression, or emotional emotion before a phenomenon occurring in life, such as when people stand in front of a spectacular landscape, or stand in front of a tragedy. Translating poetry into different languages ​​is considered the most difficult in translation
  • Ca Tru
  • From the song
  • Poetry
  • School song
  • Heavenly poetry
Translate Literature book into other language

Translation of books in the form of autobiographical works

  • Novel
  • Medium story
  • Short stories and ultra-short stories
  • Epic
  • Parables

Literary script translation

  • Tragedy
  • Comedy
  • Drama (dram drama)
  • Narrative drama

Translation of other book genres

  • Sign
  • Political literature
Asia Translation and Interpretation Company
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We are pleased to provide specialized book translation services at your request!