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Teaching and tutoring Vietnamese to Chinese- Taiwanese


Teaching and tutoring Vietnamese to Chinese or Taiwanese is a service that our company – Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation pays special attention. We have been providing this service for Chinese or Taiwanese living in Vietnam who wants to learn Vietnamese to meet the needs of work and communication

We are proud of having a wide range of professional teachers with a lot of experiences in this field.

Teaching and Tutoring Vietnamese to Chinese - Taiwanese

Vietnamese teaching team for Chinese and Taiwanese:

– Taken responsibility by Vietnamese teachers who are well- trained and fluent in Chinese.

– Teaching pronunciation based on the northern and southern accents.

– Teaching from elementary to intermediate and advanced.

– Arranging classes being appropriate to customers ( from 8:10 a.m to 21:30 p.m)  with competitive price.   

 In addition, we also sell Vietnamese textbooks to Chinese people.

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Telephone number: 0932232318– Mr Vũ.