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Interpretation at the Factory

Provide The Interpretation at the Factory

Factory interpreting is a type of interpreting where the interpreter must be present directly at the agency, factory, factory, etc. to become the “middle man”, capturing the content and conveying the message back and forth for two or more individuals while they exchange and discuss work-related issues.
Topics covered in the interpreting session are usually some content such as: Production lines, technical machinery, construction progress, structural materials, product manuals, staff training, and training in occupational safety… Therefore, interpreters need to have extensive knowledge in related industries and have many years of working experience.
In recent years with the policy of opening up and integrating, Vietnam is becoming an ideal investment place for countries around the world. The increasing number of factories and workshops with the diversity of industries has caused many difficulties for business owners in finding suitable interpreters.
Asia interpretation Company provide Interpreter at Factory
6 criteria for choosing a factory interpreter!
  • Extensive translation experience
  • Have worked for many years in a related industry
  • The ability to speak fluently
  • Capturing and handling situations quickly
  • Professional working style
  • Discipline and responsibility at work
  • Have good health, good pressure
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