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Korean Translation | Hire an experienced Korean interpreter | Provide Korean Interpretation

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Korean Translator

Korean Translator | Hire an experienced Korean interpreter | Provide Korean Interpretation
ASIA TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING COMPANY provides Korean to Vietnamese and Korean Interpretation in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with practical experience, reputation for related companies and documents. Korean room in Vietnam with the best quality Korean interpreter.
With a team of  Korean interpreters, Korean translators who are well-trained, have studied and lived in Korea, many years of experience in interpreting in specialized specialties in many fields such as: Cabin interpretation, interpreting conferences, seminars, interpreting commercial negotiations, interpreting events, fairs, interpreting in factories, construction sites.


Korean translation in Hanoi

  1. Notarized Korean translation in Hanoi of all kinds of administrative and legal documents, Korean contract translation
  2. Translating Korean administrative, import-export, accounting documents
  3. Translating Korean technical documents, drawings, designs…
  4. Translating Korean common documents such as applications, letters
  5. Translating Korean press news, media
  6. Translating Korean books , manuals, menus…
  7. Translating stories, online games, TV series…

Korean Interpretation in Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang

  1. Interpreting Korean cabin
  2. Interpreting Korean Conferences, seminars
  3. Interpreter Korean accompaniment at home and abroad
  4. Interpreting Korean travel, market survey…
  5. Interpreting Korean economic negotiation
  6. Interpreting Korean technology transfer
  7. Interpreting Korean work site


Interpretation prices fluctuate depending on the nature and level of the job requirements. In addition, offering discounts to our regular customers will bring our value-added services to you.