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Angela Carter


Cambodian or Khmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ) serves as the official language of Cambodia, the country located in Indochina, a peninsula in the Southeast Asia. Cambodia has a relatively homogeneous population with more than 90% of the population is the Khmer and speaks Khmer. The country has made remarkable progresses in tourism, trade and international diplomacy. As a result, the demand for Cambodian translation is growing year on year. Cambodian, however, has not been popular in the world. Thus, it is not easy to find a professional and prestigious Cambodian translation company. In order to handle your difficulty, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation is pleasure to offer professional Cambodian (Khmer) translation services for every organizations and enterprises.

Cambodian Translation

As the top company in the field of translation in Vietnam, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation proudly owns professional translators who have great expertise as well as responsibility and wide experience in Cambodian translation.

We are honourable to gain the credibility of many private enterprises, international organizations and State agencies such as Vietnam Airlines, BRAUNECK-KUECHEN, CJ, KFW, Herz fur Herz – Stiftung fur Leben, TDG, YS, etc.

Like other languages’ translation, Cambodian translation in Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation is divided into many different areas in order to ensure the specialization as well as the quality of translations.


– Certified and/or notarized translation

– Website translation

– Book translation

– Specialized translation (Economics, Politics, Culture, Society, Health, Education, Environment, Science, Technology, etc.)

– Movie translation, dubbing, voice-over & inserting subtitles

– Consular legalization

– Editing and/or revising translations

– Game translation and localization

– Contract translation

– Notarizing translations

– Etc.

from Cambodian into Vietnamese and/or other languages or vice versa.


1. Professional translators

2. Standardized translation process

3. High quality specialized translations

4. Shortening the time to complete projects

5. Prestige & conscientiousness

6. Free assistance and consultancy around the clock for all our translation services

7. Cheapest prices

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