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Do you need to use documents issued abroad in Vietnam? Or use Vietnamese documents overseas? All you need to do is to get those documents legalized and certified at appropriate consular?
We offer full-package service of the followings:

1. Notarized translation:
2. Judicial notarial translation
3. Consular legalization/certification

Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation’s consulting service assists clients in preparing necessary documents as well as providing interpreting service for consular legalization as per clients’ requests with promptest and best price offers. With our dedicated staffs maintaining contacts with relevant authorities and frequently updating information regarding consular legalization, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation’s competitive advantage is to assist clients in obtaining consular legalization/certification at the soonest possible time.
So, what are consular legalization and certification?

1. Consular legalization:

Consular legalization is formally comprehended as a process of certifying the legal validity of signature and official seal on documents/materials issued by overseas authorities to the person concerned, so that such documents/materials can be used in Vietnam.
As a matter of principle, Vietnamese authorities only accept consular legalized/certified documents, except for regulations indicated in Vietnam’s law and international treaties signed or joined by Vietnam.
For example, Mr. Lee got married to Ms. Nguyen – whose nationality is Taiwan. After that, both got divorced in Taiwan. Korean court handed out divorce certificate in Korean language. Currently, Mr. Lee wants to come back to Vietnam to re-marry and is required to obtain affidavit of single status. However, since the divorce certificate is in Taiwan, Mr. Lee needs to have this consular legalized in order to “transform” this into publicly acceptable document in Vietnam.
(Hence, in order to have documents consular legalized/certified, first of all, we need to translate such documents/materials issued by overseas authorities into Vietnamese.)

2. Consular certification:

Pursuant to Decree No. 111/2011/ND-CP, consular certification is a process of certifying official seal, signature, title on documents/materials issued in Vietnam by Vietnamese authorities, so that such documents can be accepted and used overseas.
The purpose of consular certification is to certify documents/materials issued in Vietnam for acceptance and use overseas.

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