Language is power, life and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation
Angela Carter


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We specialize in high- quality technical translations performed by selected teams of translators with the requisite industry expertise. Our professional, accurate and reliable translation services have done thousands of orders and projects for manufacturing, construction, installation and service supply companies.

As the accurate translation of any technical documents is an important element in your product’s success in the target markets, or you are users of machines or equipments, it is a must to ensure that the technical guides can be comprehended by professionals, technicians and end- users from any countries.

Almost every product is either sold internationally or reaches users who speak a different language. The important factor for manufacturing or service supply companies is that they have manual translations and correct description of product or service that can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and safety.

In today’s global economy, rapid technological advances and short product life cycles have created the need for manufacturers to rapidly and cost-efficiently obtain and update high-quality localized materials. The only way the sophisticated products of the leading manufacturers can compete in the global marketplace is with the support of fast, accurate and reliable translations that are in strict compliance with industry standards.

Technical translator teams

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation‘s translators are carefully chosen and tested to ensure that only suitably qualified professional translators.

All of our technical translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and industry specific terms and comply with quality control process, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent.

We understand that the nature of technical documentation, content and information is proprietary and sensitive, take confidentiality and security process very seriously and undertake to keep all information strictly confidential. All translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.

Technical documents

We can work with a variety of electronic file formats. We can accept all file types and deliver ready-to-publish files when required.

We have extensive experience translating all types of technical documents, including:

– Machinery technical documents
– Installation, operator and maintenance manuals
– Product brochures and catalogues
– Technical manuals
– Safety manuals
– Engineering specifications
– Scientific documents
– Patents and patent applications
– Data sheets
– Electronic guides
– Patent guides
– Instruction manuals
– Construction manuals
– Employee manuals
– Electronic manuals
– Regulatory documentation
– Other technical documentation

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