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English Translation for QH plus company

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Translating for QH company

QH Plus company specializes in manufacturing and selling all kinds of products and services relating to the construction industry which provides customers with the most comprehensive and effective improvement solution. Qh Plus Company is proud to be an investor and developer possessing expertise in a wide range of industries such as: real estate, infrastructure and logistics, industrial parks and healthcare, etc.

Professional English- Vietnamese translation company- Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation translated English into Vietnamese for QH Plus’s documents.

Translation process of Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation

To professionalize the services and bring customers the best experience, our company clearly stipulate translation process.

Below is the translation process of the project from the time we received the information until the project was completed 

1. Analysis and quote for the customer.

We analyze customer’s requirements then informing customer exact cost and deadline for completion.

We also agree with customers about the translated content, the transferred format of the translation, the translation terminology according to the industry and customers’ need. 

2. Carry out translating from English into Vietnamese.

Our professional translators will translate documents’ content with a high accuracy, right specialized terminology and appropriate words. 

3. Hand over the translation at the selected time. 

After finishing, we hand over the translation to customers on time in hard copy or soft one as required.

After years of cooperation, QH Plus has always been satisfied with our services. 

Professional English translation

Translating English into Vietnamese or translating other languages

Besides English translation services, Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation also provide customers with multi- language translation such as: Cambodian Translation, Laos Translation, Korean Translation, etc with the best quality in Vietnam.

We highly appreciate career passion with the desire to become your language bridge, connect information to partners both domestically and internationally. We make sure to help our customers eliminate the preoccupation with integrating with the international community and friends. 

Contact us to have the best services!