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Express Delivery to America

Are you worried whether your child’s admission record go to the US on time?

Do your partners need urgent documents to fulfill an important contract?

Or your relatives in America needs documents for naturalization?

JetstarCargo provides “Express Delivery Service to America” to fit the customers’ need of sending documents to their friends, relatives.

Understanding that the Express Delivery makes a tremendous impact on people’ life, working and studying, Credibility is our key priority. JetstarCargo always work with the highest responsibility and confidentially for your peace of mind. 

Express Delivery to America

Why should you use Express Delivery to America of JetstarCargo?

In the long years of work experience in forwarding industry and express delivery both internationally and domestically, JetstarCargo always satisfy our customers. 

Fastest Delivery time: JetstarCargo helps you save 20-30% of the shipping time compared to other companies.

Cheapest shipping fee: 10-15% less than the general market price. 

Wide partner system in this field:

Forwarder partner: Indochinapost, ViettelCargo, UPSVietnam, DHLVietnam, , FedexVietnam, etc.

Airline partner: American Airlines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, etc. 

– Enthusiastic and friendly staff providing 24/24 consultation.

– Professional in packaging, domestic shipping. 

– Proficient in customs declaration, making necessary documents to the US as quickly as possible. 

JetstarCargo- Professional Vietnamse- America express delivery services in Vietnam