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Notarized Translation of Criminal Record Card Number 2

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Criminal Record Card Number 2

What is Criminal Record Card Number 2?

“Judicial record is a record of the criminal record of a person convicted by a criminal judgment or decision of a court that has taken legal effect, the status of judgment execution and the prohibition of an individual from holding certain posts, establish and manage enterprises or cooperatives in cases where the enterprises or cooperatives are declared bankrupt by the Court.”
Criminal record card No. 2 is a record of all criminal convictions, including criminal records that have been cleared and those that have not been erased and information on prohibition from holding certain positions, establishing and managing enterprises and cooperatives. .
Criminal record number 2

Criminal record for what?

The purpose of requesting a criminal record card is to:
  • Personal proof whether or not there is a criminal record, is it prohibited?
  • Record criminal record remission, create conditions for convicts to reintegrate into the community.
  • Support criminal proceedings and criminal justice statistics.
  • Support human resource management, business registration, establishment and management of enterprises, cooperatives…

Why need notarized translation of judicial record card number 2?

Notarized translation judicial record cards are often used to submit to employers especially public agencies, immigration offices, visa applications, etc. certificates are also often required for jobs in Vietnam. airline companies. In addition, some cases of applying to study abroad, or to settle abroad are also required to have a translation of the criminal record.
Translating Criminal Record Number 2

What is the need for notarized translation of judicial Record Card Number 2?

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