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Notarized Translation Service of Medical Mask Certificates

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Notarized translation service of medical mask certificates

What is a medical mask certification?

Medical mask certification is the activity of certifying, evaluating and certifying that medical masks conform to specific corresponding standards TCVN 8389:2010.
The National Standard TCVN 8389:2010 Medical masks includes the following standards:
  • TCVN 8389-1:2010 Part 1: Ordinary medical masks;
  • TCVN 8389-2:2010 Part 2: Medical masks to prevent infection;
  • TCVN 8389-3:2010 Part 3: Medical masks to prevent chemical poisoning.
In particular, medical masks to prevent infection are recommended to be used in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Benefits and importance of having a medical mask test certificate

  • It is a necessary step to serve the completion of procedures such as: product quality announcement, certificate of free sale, announcement of regulation conformity, etc.
  • Help businesses evaluate product quality properly; proper manufacturing process, quality raw materials,
  • Help businesses find ways to improve product quality to deliver the best quality products to consumers.
  • Is to comply with the law; full legal signature before putting the product on the market.
Translate the medical mask certificate

Notarized translation service of medical mask certificates

Notarized translation of certificates of medical masks of all kinds is the need of many businesses and companies that are producing and consuming medical masks at home and abroad. If your business is in need of notarized translation of all kinds of certificates and you want to use a reputable and professional multilingual notarized translation service, Asia Translation Company is a right choice.

Requirements of notarized translation of certificates of medical masks of all kinds

When notarized translation of medical mask certificates of all kinds, to ensure the accuracy, the certificate is recognized by the authorities, the translator needs to pay attention to the following requirements:
  • In terms of content: translators need to translate and type accurately, carefully and meticulously the information, especially the title of the certificate, the content of the certificate.
  • Regarding the form of notarized translation of the certificate: must ensure that the sample form is the same as the original certificate for easy tracking and checking when necessary.

Steps to notarize the certificate of medical masks of all kinds at Asian Translation

Asia Translation Company for more than 10 years of operation and development, with the operating guideline “Customer satisfaction is our success”. Therefore, Asia always pays attention and meticulously checks to avoid unnecessary errors. Asia always translates notarized medical mask certificates according to a specific, scientific process
Step 1: Receive documents from customers: original, true copy of the original, image copy
Method of receiving documents: receive directly at the office or receive documents via zalo, email of the company.

Step 2: Make a translation profile and store the file

In this step, to facilitate the quick translation, we scan the original, save the file, and generate the translation code.

Step 3: Deploy translation

We choose the right translator for the document, ensuring accurate and fast translation results, meeting the requirements of having the most complete and quality translation. for your customers.

Step 4: Translation

The translator scans the entire content, assesses the level, selects the appropriate set of terms, to ensure that the document is translated correctly, the style and semantics are not rigid and difficult. understand.

Step 5: Proofreading

After the translation is completed, this translation will be re-checked by the best QA team. Here, errors will be corrected immediately.

Step 6: Prepare notarized documents

This stage must arrange notarized documents according to regulations: translation, true copy of the original or photocopy, certification.

Step 7: Notarize the translation

The translation will be compared with the original and notarized at the District Justice Notary Office or a notary office

Step 8: Return the document to the customer

When receiving the complete certificate translation, you will review and check it carefully before leaving our office.

Asia Translation and Interpretation
With an agile working style, Asia Translation Company will complete the translation of the certificate in the shortest time, but still ensure accuracy. Coming to Asia, you will be satisfied with the way we work. Asia always wants to be, forever a bridge, a companion with customers. Coming to Asia Translation, you are always satisfied with our working attitude and working process.