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Professional Spanish Translation

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Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation is an international translating company specializing in providing professional Spanish translating services into a lot of languages in the world with high accuracy, well- quality and competitive price.  Translation is becoming more and more essential in today’s integration scenario due to the people’ need to expand the business relationship, technical technology exchange, tourism, etc. One of those language needs in Vietnam is Spanish translation which requires company to have enough staffs with relevant knowledge and skills, communicating standards and requirements, researching the translation field, monitoring progress, proofreading again and again to meet all customers’ needs. 

Nowadays, there are a wide range of translation company in Hanoi capital and HoChiMinh city. However, the qualified translators always have to pay attention to the content’s accuracy and the language’s completeness. 

Translating or transliterating exactly Spanish into Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc causes headache to many translators because they not only are fluent in Spanish but also have in- depth understanding of terminology  and slang for the translation field in which they are in charge of. 

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation hopes to contribute to your success in business, exchanges and commerce.


Spanish interpretation

Diversity in Spanish Translation

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation applies international standard translation right from the stage of dossier receipt, specialized word control, warranty, confidentiality. From that, our company brings customers the best Spanish translations.

Advertising/ Marketing/ Media

– Leaflets/ Email Marketing/ Media Public Relation article.

– Marketing Content/ Label/ Product Label

– Multilingual company website

– Business records/ Brochure translation/ Marketing/ Catalog translation

– Market analysis report


– Economic Contract

– Regulation/ Business registration certificate/ Investment License

– Legal text/ Decree/ Circular


– Technical version/ License of invention

– Technical Report/ User interface

– Maintenance Instructions

– Training Document

– Bidding Document/ Translation for bidding document/ Tender

Finance/ Accounting/ Banking

– Economic contract

– Accounting Balance Sheet

– Tax Return/ Tax Finalization

– Transfer pricing report

– Pre-feasibility report project

Medicine/ Health/ Pharmaceutics

– Medicine

– Pharmaceutics/ Chemicals industry

– Mechanical engineering/ Automobile industry

– Construction Engineering Industry

– Oil and Gas Industry/ Energy Industry

– Telecommunication industry

– Electricity Industry/ Electronic industry

dịch thuật quận ba đình

Why you should choose our Spanish translation?

1. Professional Spanish Translators

As the top translation company in the field of Spanish Translation in Vietnam, we have built a team of professional translators who have:

– Excellent expertise

– Wide experience in this field

– Prestige, responsibility and professional ethics

2. Effective translation services

As a prestigious translation company, we pledge to offer the most effective Spanish translation services.

3. Convenience

Our professional translation services help you to exchange, negotiate and cooperate with foreign partners without long-term interpreters.

4. The most reasonable & competitive price

In the long years of work experience in Spanish Translation, we are proud of holding variety of experience, skills, techniques and knowledge background in this field. Furthermore, we pledge to offer the most reasonable & competitive price for all interpreting services.

Our Spanish Translation team will represent customers with the most professional image in every translation sessions.

If you need to hire Spanish translation for workshops, projects or conferences, let Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation be your language bridge and bring you the most wonderful services.

Apart from providing Spanish translating services, Focus Translation and Interpretation also offer multilingual translation services such as: Cambodia Translation, Chinese Translation, Thais Translation, Korean Translation, Chinese Translation, etc.

Contact us to have the best services!