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Concept of Military Art

Military art has a historical nature stretching over time, talking about military history according to the timeline we can divide it into 5 periods: ancient, medieval, modern, the first world war, and the second world war. Ancient wars were many, long wars. Along with the emergence of war, in fact also arose the military art.
Through the process of accumulating long-term experience, it has gradually summarized and generalized into a theory of military strategy. It can be cited as the French army of Ton Tu became a book around 496 – 453 BC. The great value of “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” is, first of all, its views on war, its effects and a fairly accurate assessment of the role of war in human social life.
Concept of Military Art
The Middle Ages World War was characterized by Europe in the period of the formation and development of feudalism, which was a state of stagnation. The warlords wage war to annex each other continuously. Due to the small country and small army, the defenders took advantage of the terrain to build solid citadels for defense. The attackers do not have weapons to break through quickly, so they often apply the long-term siege method.
The Middle Ages World War

Translation of Military Books

Translation of military books must not only be good at foreign languages, but also require very high knowledge of living and cultural knowledge of each historical period of the war.
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