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Website translation for DH Foods company

With thousands years of construction, formation and development, Vietnam has created a long history with a unique and diversity culture. Among them, cuisine has been our pride. 

Our cuisine has a reputation for fresh ingredients, professional cooking techniques and a variety of recipes. Furthermore, the diversity of spices also plays an important role in a delicious meal. 

As a result, DH Foods has a mission to spread widely Vietnamese cuisine to international friends via various channel including: website, stalls, etc. 

Website translation

Difficulties in popularizing local cuisine

To popularize Vietnamese cuisine and spices to international friends, the first barrier that needs addressing is multilingualism. Culinary translation needs not only a depth-in language knowledge but also the passion and practical experience in this field. 

Knowing about that, Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation is pleased to co- operate with DH Foods to produce multilingual website translations quickly including Vietnamese- Korean, Vietnamese- Japanese, etc.

Why DH Foods chooses us?

DH Foods company possess a website targeting foreigners (Korean, Japanese, German, etc.)  so they turned to us- Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation which fits all their needs:

– Accuracy

– Shortest time

– Competitive price

Website translation

Our translation process

To professionalize the services and bring customers the best experience, our company clearly stipulate translation process.

Below is the translation process of the project from the time we received the information until the project was completed 

1. Analysis and quote for the customer.

We analyze customer’s requirements then informing customer exact cost and deadline for completion.

We also agree with customers about the translated content, the transferred format of the translation, the translation terminology according to customers’ need. 

2. Carry out translating from Vietnamese to Korean and Vietnamese to German.

Our professional translators will translate documents’ content with a high accuracy, right specialized terminology and appropriate words. 

3. Hand over the translation at the selected time. 

After finishing, we hand over the translation to customers on time.

After cooperation, DH Foods has always been satisfied with our services. 

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation- A professional translating and interpreting company

Cooperating with DH Foods is one of the most outstanding projects of our company. Thereby, we prove that our company is one of the leading translation providers in Vietnam.

If you are seeking a professional translating and interpreting services, do not hesitate contact us- Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation !