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Laos Translation and Interpretation into Vietnamese in HCM City

Notarized Laos Translation into Vietnamese in HCM city/ Laos Interpretation in HCM city

Although Lao People’s Democratic Republic is the only country in South East Asian having no sea, it still attracts people’ attention by its developing in travelling, culture, economy, politics. It is also synonymous for its spectacular landscapes or ancient architecture such as: Sisaket pagoda, Hophakeo pagoda, etc.

Laos Interpretation
Laos Interpretation for international workshop

Vietnam is one of Laos’ biggest economic and trade partners. Up to now, Vietnam has over 400 projects with total registered capital of about 4.6 million dollar, ranked second out of 55 countries and territories investing in Laos. Vietnam has mostly invested in some fields in Laos such as: agriculture, forestry, mining industry, etc.

To meet the customers’ need for Laos translation and interpretation, Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation considers Laos as one of our company’s key translation languages. We have done Laos translation and interpretation system according to some fields including: mining industry, agriculture, livestock industry, etc.

Laos Translation
(Laos translation is always our strength)

Why you should choose our Laos translation and interpretation?

1. Professional Laos Translators Interpreters

As the top translation company in the field of Laos translation and interpretation in Vietnam, we have built a team of professional interpreters who have:

– Excellent expertise

– Wide experience in this field

– Prestige, responsibility and professional ethics

2. Effective translating and interpreting services

As a prestigious interpreting company, we pledge to offer the most effective Laos translators and interpreting services.

3. Convenience

Our professional translating and interpreting services help you to exchange, negotiate and cooperate with foreign partners without long-term interpreters.

4. The most reasonable & competitive price

In the long years of work experience in Laos translation and interpretation, we are proud of holding variety of experience, skills, techniques and knowledge background in this field. Furthermore, we pledge to offer the most reasonable & competitive price for all interpreting services.

Laos Notarized Translating services in HCM city:

– Laos Notarized translation of passport

– Laos Notarized translation of sub- books of banks

– Laos Notarized translation of Bank account number

– Laos Notarized translation of 10% VAT return

– Laos Notarized translation of university degree

– Laos Notarized translation of post- secondary degree, high school diploma

– Laos Notarized translation of Laos certificates

– Laos Notarized translation of school report

– Laos Notarized translation of student card

– Laos Notarized translation of driving license

– Laos Notarized translation of identity card

– Laos Notarized translation of retirement certification

– Laos Notarized translation of marriage certificate

– Laos Notarized translation of birth certificate

– Laos Notarized translation of criminal record

– Laos notarized translation of social insurance book

– Laos notarized translation of land ownership certification

– Laos notarized translation of family register

– Laos notarized translation of payroll

– Laos notarized translation of tax registration certificate

– Laos notarized translation of share ownership certificate

– Laos notarized translation of state budget remittance papers

– Laos notarized translation of salary payment sheet

– Laos notarized translation of commercial contracts, newspapers, correspondence exchange, etc.

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