Language is power, life and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation
Angela Carter


In order to maintain highest quality in translation, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation is applying and complying with rigorous and professional translation process as below:

1. Receiving original documents from clients:

Original documents can be submitted directly at our office or sent via e-mail, fax, yahoo messenger, express mail service or others.

2. Analyzing documents:

Upon receipt of documents from clients, our project managers will estimate the professional level of those documents, clients’ requests, deadline and specialized terms in order to develop appropriate execution plans for translating divisions. Translating divisions will analyze these documents, select suitable translation term, memory translation and divide into adequate groups to execute such plans.

3. Translating:

Translators define specialized terms in the documents, agree to use of translation terms and proceed to translation work. Upon completion, translated documents will be forwarded to proofreading group for reviewing, revising and standardizing towards to original documents or clients’ requests.

4. Double-checking:

Edited documents will be then forwarded to project manager for final checking. Documents will be transferred back to proofreading group for revising should there be any errors or mistakes.

5. Delivering to clients:

Project manager deliver completely translated documents to clients as scheduled or before deadline, as per clients’ requested methods of delivery.

6. Maintaining and editing as per client’s requests:

We conduct prompt and free-of-charge amendment if the translated documents contain errors or needed supplementary translation as to deliver best outcomes to our clients.