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Cabin interpretation is considered as the most demanding type of interpretation which requires the interpreters to have listening skill, problem- solving ability and high level of expertise because they have to translate in parallel with the speaker. As a result, it is difficult to search for professional cabin interpreters.

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation proudly offers the most effective cabin interpreting services for all languages.

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With work pressure including a high concentration, cabin interpretation is widely used in meetings, conferences, etc with large number of attendees from various countries. We are honorable to serve in many major hotels like Melia, Mariot, National Convention Center, Inter Continental Hotel, etc. Hunger Eradication and Poverty Alleviation Conference of Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) is especially one of the most successful cabin interpreters of our company and we are also received a lot of appreciation from the speakers of this workshop.

In the long years of work experience in cabin interpretation, Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation proudly owns professional interpreters having a good expertise and wide experience in this field which helps both the listeners and speakers feel like talking directly.  Apart from project interpreting services, we also have multidisciplinary interpretation services in over 50 languages including English, Korean, Chinese, Laos, French, German, etc. and other types of interpretation such as cabin interpretation, conference interpretation, etc.

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