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Translation of Information Technology Books

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The field of information technology

The term “Information Technology” first appeared in 1958 in an article published in the Harvard Business Review. The two authors of the article, Leavitt and Whisler commented: “New technology has not established a name of its own. We will call it information technology (IT).
Information Technology or IT
Information Technology, abbreviated IT, (English: Information Technology or IT) is a branch of engineering that uses computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and collect information. Or understood as Information Technology, is a collection of scientific methods, modern technical means and tools – mainly computer and telecommunications techniques – in order to effectively exploit and use information resources are abundant and potential in all areas of human and social activities.
Translation of Information Technology Documents

Specialized information technology services

The fields of information technology include the process of capturing, processing, storing and disseminating sound, film, text and digital information by microelectronics based on a combination of computers and transport. Some modern and prominent areas of information technology such as: Next-generation standard Web, information generation, cloud computing, global information system, knowledge big model and many different fields. . The research developed mainly in scientific computing.
Thus, the term information technology is a wide-ranging field. The works and services of the information need to a solid surface method, and training base rather than simply translating on the mode language.
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