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Translation of Architecture and Construction books

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Translation of Books Specialized in Architecture and Construction

Beginning of the dawn of human history, facing the need to protect itself against the effects of nature and weather. Prehistoric humans had to create architectural forms and had to build the first shelter to survive. Thus, architecture and construction first arise from the functional needs of people.

History of Architecture and Construction

What is Architecture?

Architecture is an art and science of spatial organization and design documentation. Architect with specialized knowledge in architecture.
In addition to work design, can participate in many other management design fields such as: urban planning, urban design, landscape design, urban management, project supervision and management, interior design, graphic design or industrial design.
From available materials, scientific knowledge, experience, practical needs, conception of the meaning and aesthetic value of architectural forms. Each culture often leaves behind a series of architectural works that share their own architectural styles, typical for historical periods.
Modern architecture follows the trend of worshiping new technologies and materials. Functional use and individual creative capacity, so modern architectural works often do not have much to do with local culture.
Translation of Architecture and Construction document
Architecture history through the ages
The history of architecture has gone through many stages with different styles. History of famous European construction architecture. If divided by historical periods, people have the main architectural lines: Ancient Egyptian architecture Mesopotamian and Persian architecture. Ancient Greek Architecture, Ancient Roman Architecture, Byzantine Architecture and Middle-Century Russian Architecture. Roman Architecture, Gothic Architecture etc. Understanding the history of construction architecture is very important for translators and interpreters specializing in construction architecture, especially construction architecture books.

Architectural and Construction Specialized Translation

Translating books in the field of architecture and construction must not only be good at foreign languages, but also require very high knowledge of living and cultural knowledge of each historical period, trends in architecture and construction.
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