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Interpreting project

Interpreting project is one of the types of interpretation that Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation focuses on implementing as a leading strength. Our company is proudly the most professional interpreting company in Vietnam as we pay attention to every little detail of the project. 

We have taken part in a wide range of projects both domestically and internationally. All our interpreting projects are praised from our customers and trusted partners.

Translation project

The role of interpreter

Interpreter is known to play a key role in the success of a company’s project when co- operating with foreign partner. Our interpreters commit fitting all the customers’ requirement.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. It is better to arrange a meeting with your interpreter before that project so you can provide his/her with related documents and talk about the purpose of the upcoming talk.


1. Professional interpreters

As the top translation company in the field of interpretation in Vietnam, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation has built a team of professional interpreters.

2. Standardized interpreting process

In order to most exactly bring interpretation content for customers, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation’s Vietnamese interpreters always comply with the standardized interpreting process including 4 steps: evaluation, analysis, translation, and revision. This ensures to avoid almost interpreting errors, even the smallest ones.

3. Shortening the time to complete projects

Our experience in project management combined with standardized interpreting process will shorten the time to complete projects and help to save interpreting costs for customers.

4. The most reasonable & competitive price

In the long years of work experience in interpretation , Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation is proud of holding variety of experience, skills, techniques and knowledge background in this field. Therefore, we pledge to offer the most reasonable & competitive price for these services.

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