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Japanese labor export profile translation

Japanese labor export profile translation

Are you about to go to the labor export market in Japan but have to notarize the personal documents to complete the visa application for labor export? Are you searching for a notarized translation service for labor export and import documents with a competitive price? Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation will give you this service with the best nominal rate. 

Labor export translation

Notarization translation service for labour export of Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation ensures fast and accurate translation with the lowest price and the rate of visa passing is high so customers can be completely assured and trusted notarization translation service for labour export of our company.

Focus Translation and Interpretation provide customers with notarization translation service for Japanese labour export, notarization translation, certified true copy and authentication of document signatures in different languages.
Our company are proud of having over 1000 professional translators with a wide range of practical experience in notarization translation and completion of Japanese labour export documents and other related ones such as:

  • Notarized translation of study abroad profile.
  • Notarized translation of contractor profile.
  • Notarized translation of Japanese labour export profile
  • Notarized translation of getting marriage with overseas people.
  • Notarized translation of job application profile for foreign companies.
  • Notarized translation of legalization profile – 40 Tran Phu

According to the Decree No. 79/2007/ND- CP of May 18th, 2007 on the issue of copies from master registers, authentication of copies from original and authentication of signatures.

Documents that need translation when going to labor export:

  1. Original passport
  2. Three copies of passport ( sign your passport before copying)
  3. Two Curriculum vitae certified by the locality
  4. Three copies of birth certificate
  5. Two notarized copies of ID card
  6. Two copies of household book 
  7. Three Authorization letters basing on the company’s form 
  8. Two notarized copies of certificate of secondary school graduation or certificate of high school graduation
  9. 30 card images 4×6 ( white background) with large clear face 
  10. Notarized vocational certificate ( optional )
  11. Provincial judicial record

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation provides a notarized translation process:

– Receiving original documents from customers.

– Checking and determining the specialized content needed translation.

– Translating documents: translators will translate this document and unify specialized words and document format. 

– Editing translation: The translation will be well- examined before issuing final translation for notarization.

– Notarizing translation: The translation will be checked carefully and sealed by the chef of the judiciary ( State Notary)

– Handing over the notarization translation to customers: the original will be put together with the translation and be packed and sealed carefully basing on the confidential process before being handed over to the customers.

Note: The documents applying for a copy must be the original issued by the competent authorities so fake original documents and having unclear origin will be withdrawn and handed over to the authorities for handling. Our company operates basing on professional ethical background and customer satisfaction is our first priority. We commit producing the best translations at the most competitive prices.

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